UNDP to implement four news projects in Binh Dinh province

 Quy Nhơn, 15 July 2022 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Provincial People’s Committee of Binh Dinh sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Mr. Nguyen Phi Long, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, and Ms. Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam, signed the MOU for cooperation in four key areas, including circular economy and waste management, ocean economy, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity, mine actions, and sustainable rural development.

For Circular Economy, including waste and marine plastic litter management, UNDP will support the development of a waste segregation plan and regulations on domestic solid waste management, continue to support strengthening the resilience and social inclusion of informal waste workers with a focus on underground support, expanding women-led funds, and promoting innovative bottom-up solutions to empower IWWs, and establish and pilot an inclusive Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

Regarding the ocean economy, UNDP will assist the province in implementing Resolution 36/NQ-TW on the sustainable development of the ocean economy, the National Action Plan on Marine Plastic Litter, the integrated waste management model in the fishery sector, including a pilot regulation, distribution of waste collection equipment for the boats, trainings for capacity building and environmental impacts of littering, and the establishment of waste collection points. In addition, the UNDP will continue to encourage the effective participation of local communities in the co-management of sustainable coral reef conservation in Quy Nhon Bay and other coastal districts.

Regarding climate change adaptation and biodiversity, UNDP will continue to promote sustainable livelihoods from traditional medicinal plants and the production of drought-resistant crops, support the implementation of the Plan on Changing the Structure of Crops from 2022 to 2025 to adapt to climate change, and mobilize green financial resources and incentives to invest in environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and resilient production and processing technologies in developing countries.

Representatives of both sides signed the Memorandum of Understanding

For Mine Actions and Sustainable Rural Development, UNDP will strengthen the capacity of Mine Action (MA) authorities to meet current requirements (short-term) and address residual contamination (medium/long-term), invest and implement effectively, and enforce regulations regarding support for survivors (and other PwDs) in target areas. In addition, UNDP will support climate-smart and resilient agriculture for people in target areas; increase the resilience of people in target areas by providing resilient economic and social infrastructure, such as houses resistant to floods and storms and resilient commune health stations. GlobalGAP-oriented models of value chain linking will be created and encouraged. The province will also create and promote the brand names of OCOP-certified items. UNDP will also promote startup incubators for firms led by women and youth, ecotourism models, agricultural tourism, and farm-stay travel experiences. The digital transformation will be promoted such as electronic diary; traceability/QR code; E-commerce for provincial products.

Mr. Nguyen Phi Long, Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, stated, “The People’s Committee of Binh Dinh province is committed to directing relevant departments, agencies, branches, and localities to coordinate regularly with the UNDP in Vietnam in reviewing, evaluating, and implementing the order and procedures for the implementation of ODA projects in the province; proactively and promptly handle arising problems and problems in the implementation of ODA projects in the province.”

“The Memorandum of Understanding between the leadership of Binh Dinh and UNDP embodies UNDP’s ideals and vision to implement Agenda 2030 in Viet Nam through an integrated approach to addressing environmental and socioeconomic concerns. This new partnership will combine work at the policy level (with the implementation of the National Action Plan on Marine Plastic Litter), with local government, with grassroots initiatives driven by vibrant community organizations such as the Farmers’ Union and the Women’s Union, and the private sector.

Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, Quy Nhon City, Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI), Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Construction, Department of Health, Binh Dinh Fisheries Association, Binh Dinh Union of Science and Technology, and Binh Dinh Fisheries Association participated in the signing ceremony.

The MoU will contribute to improving the efficiency of solid and plastic waste management in Binh Dinh