The second-hand trade fair: Experiment handbook on circular economy in Da Nang City

Reuse is a key tactic in the circular economy for extending the life of the material and the product’s usable lifespan. One of the micro-level strategies that can be used to build the circulating economy in Da Nang city is the promotion of second-hand-sharing behavior.

In Da Nang, residents have a choice between donating or receiving used goods by giving/receiving friends, family, and acquaintances. The majority of trafficking channels, however, are not concentrated in a single area, and if they are, local authorities do not support their advocacy or promotion. Because of this, the experiment’s goal is to determine whether “Does the development of a centralized fair at a place and the involvement of local officials in propaganda and lobbying make people in the city more active in old-fashioned sharing activities” Two markets for used goods were organized in June and July 2022 in Nai Hien Dong ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.

This article summarizes the experiment results indicated above and suggests a replication model to be incorporated into the city of Da Nang’s circular economy roadmap.

Main contents of the handbook include:

  1. Introduction to policy experimentation;
  2. Employing a second-hand trade market model to examine circular economy policies, including design, implementation, measurement results, and replication model suggestions.