The Circular Economy Movement in Viet Nam: Our Journey at a Glance

This project summary report consists of the process of building the project from the initial steps to announcing the impressive results we have achieved after the 10-month journey.

Nine modules were included in the first Training of Trainers (TOT) program that FTU designed to give businesses the information and skills they required to teach and mentor professionals who were participating while also learning about the circular economy and sustainable development. With 106 attendees (lecturers, business owners, and subject matter experts from academic institutes), 29 facilitators joined the TOTs, and 68% of the attendees were women.

FTU conducted the second CE Training in February 2022 over the course of three days. A total of 41 trainees from 21 firms attended the program; 51.2% of the learners were in management roles. The five modules involve learning about the global economy, formulating firm sustainability objectives, mastering CE, and applying design thinking to the production of sustainable goods and services. To further understanding, a virtual field tour to businesses utilizing the circular economy strategy was added.