Safe water management for better production with “DAOL Co., Ltd” technology: Water Resource Monitoring System-WRM System (South Korea)

Vietnam’s annual water use is estimated at 82 billion square meters, followed by 81% for agriculture, 11% for aquaculture, 5% for industry, and 3% for urban and households. Furthermore, Vietnam is a country rich in rice production, called the granary of the earth, and it is a very important industry to use not only wastewater treatment but also water sources as living water for agricultural use.

It would be a big problem if there is a situation where you have to wait for a response without being processed immediately, such as crop damage caused by lack of water or overflow. If the water is automatically managed so that it does not overflow or run short, and if the alarm can be quickly given to public officials when a problem occurs, the frequency of the problem will be significantly reduced, and it is clear that it will be able to respond quickly and accurately even if a problem occurs.

Daol Corporation’s integrated water resource management system can play such a role.

Daol Co., Ltd.’s system automatically manages small water facilities located in the region, and when residents’ water tanks lack water, they send notifications to wells to automatically pump water and turn off water by themselves if the water tanks are full. It also supports a monitoring system that can monitor the water situation in real time on the web while always managing not to run out of water. It is designed to send an SMS message to the administrator in the event of an accident. In addition, the water quality of groundwater and water tanks can be monitored to supply safe and clean water, and the level of groundwater can be checked in real time to prevent overheating of the motor and increase its life.

The integrated water resource management system WRM of Daol Co., Ltd., such a smart water management system, was recently installed in Vietnam. Daol Co., Ltd. expects to increase the productivity and quality of life of local agriculture through the integrated water resource management system. Daol’s technology promises to bring high efficiency in smart water management.

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