Report of Viet Nam National Circular Economy Movement

This project summary report is divided into 9 PARTS that document the project’s development from the first steps to the announcement of the outstanding outcomes we were able to achieve after an 8-month journey.

The first CE training for businesses was conducted by DNES in December 2021 and lasted 5 days. It included 37 participants from over 31 different businesses, 12 experts, and 13 facilitators. Businesses were concentrated in the Central and Southern regions of Vietnam and came from a variety of industries, including agriculture (29.7%), textiles (13.5%), services (13.5%), technology (10.8%), education and training (10.8%), food processing (8.1%), sewage management (2.7%), and forestry (2.7%). More than 59% of the attendees were in training. The nine lessons include creating business goals and ambitions for sustainable growth, introducing the CE business model canvas, generating cash flow inside a CE organization, showcasing the circular business model, and creating an action plan.

46 participants who are CE professionals, lecturers, business officers, and consultants participated in the Second Training of Trainers, which DNES implemented with comparable modules. The first two modules—”Awareness of Global Issues and Sustainability” and “Design Thinking to Develop Sustainable Products and Services”—were seen by students as being the most beneficial and appealing of the nine modules.