MCM microbial organic fertilizer (Korea)

MCM microbial organic fertilizer (Korea)

MCM is an organic fertilizer produced by mixing and processing organic materials and then fermenting with strain Bacillus velezensis CE 100. from microorganisms that break down gelatin/chitin found in crab shells. The product is exclusively owned by MC Biotech company, Korea.

This is the strongest microbial strain to prevent pathogens and root pests among the microbial strains present in the current circulating microbial organic fertilizer lines in Korea. This has been proven through experimental studies on the effects of products such as

  1. Crude enzyme from B. velezensis CE 100 induced inhibition of spore germination and mycelial growth up to 99.3% at a concentration of 100 µL/mL Presence of Bacillus velezensis CE 100 improved walnut root growth, increased nutrient absorption, enhanced chlorophyll content, thus improving total plant biomass by 1.5 times and 2.0 times, respectively, compared with the control group. normal and control group. These results demonstrate that B. velezensis CE 100 is an effective biocontrol agent against anthracnose and a potential plant growth-promoting bacterium in walnut production (see here)
  2. Bacillus velezensis CE 100 can simultaneously control root rot disease caused by Phytophthora bacteria and enhance seedling growth (see here)

Effective when using MCM fertilizer

– Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, aim to the high-tech organic agriculture

– Resistant to some harmful insects, reducing the use of pesticide

The results of successfully inhibiting the growth of some fungi and pests of MCM fertilizer have been verified by experts in Korea and controlled by BSR’s partners in Vietnam.

(Left) Before spraying, the plant had yellow leaves and was under slow growth

(Right) After spraying fertilizer 2 times

Before and after spraying fertilizer 3 times

Buyers who want to connect with MC Biotech Company can contact BSR Vietnam Joint Stock Company – the representative of MC Biotech Company in Vietnam at the address below.

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