Guide to Waste reduction in Viet Nam – A PRX Viet Nam Study

This publication was produced as part of the Quality of Life-Quality of City Project, a cooperation arrangement between the Hanoi People’s Committee and the Île-de-France Region, with financial support from the Agence française de Développement (AFD). The partners aim to use this project to improve the quality of life in Hanoi through a more inclusive consideration of environmental issues by the public authorities and city dwellers through four projects:

  • Sustainable urban development;
  • Ecological management of green spaces;
  • Air quality;
  • Waste management.


This book aims to improve the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge on waste reduction in Vietnam. The information collected in this publication is the fruit of a two-year research endeavor. To put this book together, over fifty interviews were conducted (public stakeholders at the central and local levels, professionals, researchers, informal recyclers, etc.).

The study is available in Vietnamese, English, and French.