Eco-friendly Polyester Staple Fiber made of recycled plastic by KeonBaek (South Korea)

KeonBaek Co., Ltd. founded in 1975, is a leading company specializing in manufacturing Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber, eco-friendly fiber and textile, with the technology and over 45 years of experience and knowledge. With its main export destinations including the USA (60%) and Europe (40%), it plans to expand its export channels to Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and South America.
KeonBaek Co., Ltd. is fostering future technology development and new growth engines through active investment in R&D based on its experience and technology as a pioneer in the domestic PET recycled textile material field.

KeonBaek Production Process

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber

We are striving to identify trends and develop competitive products.

  • ECOSTAR is an eco-friendly recycled product that has obtained GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification, boasting a quality comparable to that of existing virgin products, as it not only saves energy and petroleum resources but also guarantees minimization of CO2 gas emissions.
  • The micro denier fiber with a thickness of one-hundredth of human hair allows various applications with optional functions including touch depending on the emulsion. It can be used as a filler for vegan padding and yarn for clothing.
  • ECOLUXE is a functional fiber produced by uniformly mixing tri-fluke fiber and hollow fiber, which can reduce noise with excellent sound absorption. In addition, a mixture of tri-fluke fiber and hollow fiber secures high space and improved insulation.

KeonBaek’s Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is now applied in producing textile products under the brand “Ecostar” with a diversity of product lines such as clothes, accessories, bedding, towel, automobile interior materials (sound-absorbing material), and building interior materials, filters…

Product made from Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber

KeonBaek’s technology is an effective solution to the plastic waste problem which is getting harder to solve on a global scale. As the slogan “Waste is also a valuable resource”, recycling is the most sustainable measure to make use of this resource and produce eco-friendly products.

Please contact BSR Viet Nam JSC – KeonBaek’s Vietnamese partner – for further information.


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