Accelerating Circular Solutions to Single-Use Plastics

Accelerating Circular Solutions to Single-Use Plastics is intended to serve as an end-to-end guide for market acceleration of circular products and services. It outlines a set of activities and considerations that should be undertaken in order to seed and support interventions between companies developing and offering circular solutions–solution providers–and partner companies that are their target customers.

The frameworks and approaches documented are based on learnings and insights from two programs implemented and supported by The Incubation Network–the Circular Impact Market Accelerator and The Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Challenge–and the nine Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs), 85 startups and 61 partner companies across five countries in South and Southeast Asia that participated in the two programs.

This playbook comprises five components.

Each component identifies a set of steps and related considerations for program design. The five components are:

  • Engaging Partner Companies
  • Engaging Startups
  • Pilot Planning
  • Pilot Management
  • Post-Pilot Support

While this guide is derived from experiences supporting accelerators focused on the foodservice sector, the modules are intended to serve programs focused on any industry with the goal of advancing circular solutions that meet that industry’s needs.