Opening of the Training of Trainers: Circular economy towards Sustainable Development on Impact Entrepreneurship

On the morning of August 23, 2022, the Training of Trainers: Circular economy towards Sustainable Development on Impact Entrepreneurship was officially launched. The activity is organized within the framework of the National Entrepreneurship Program 2022 and Youth Co: Lab Program by UNDP Viet Nam, with the sponsorship of Citi Foundation, Business Forum Magazine. Participating in the training was the presence of 60 lecturers and advisors from universities nationwide. 

Speaking at the opening of the training course, Ms. Diana Torres – Assistant Resident Representative, Head of Governance and Participation Team emphasized the Viet Nam’s commitment at the 26th Conference to bringing net emissions to zero by 2050. Ms. Dinana Torres affirmed that this decision opens many opportunities for cooperation in the low-emission growth and promotes the development of the circular economy in Viet Nam. Besides, she also shared that the dynamic development of the circular economy is necessary and in line with the current requirements, in the process of restoring the economy and implementing the sustainable development goals. 

At the training session, Mr. Pham Hoang Hai – Head of the Secretariat of VBCSD, in the presentation on “Effective corporate governance. The role of the Sustainable Business Index” sets out specific issues that businesses need to solve in order to design their own sustainable development strategy. Mr. Hai also introduced an overview of the CSI index, which is based on international commitments on the environment, the Vietnamese legal system and affirmed that this is the most complete basis at the present time to assess the sustainability of the business. 

Presentation on “Perception of the World Economic Context and Global Issues. Why Circular Economy? CE in Viet Nam”, Ms. Hoang Thi Dieu Linh – Waste and Circular Economy Officer introduced the Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub. This is the initiative developed and operated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in collaboration with UNDP Viet Nam. Through the Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub, Ms. Linh emphasized the cooperation and connection of stakeholders towards promoting the circular economy in Viet Nam. Over the past time, UNDP has coordinated with partners to implement related support programs on the circular economy such as policy and regulation development, capacity building for businesses, implementation of solutions, specifically in the fields of ocean plastic waste, waste, chemicals, energy… 

In the presentation on “The circular economy in businesses”, Dr. Dam Quang Thang – Chairman of the National Innovation Advisory Council (VSMA) affirmed that circular economy development is the responsibility of entrepreneurship, thereby improving the capacity and competitiveness of the Vietnamese economy to the world level. The shift from linear economy to circular economy has become an inevitable development trend, an economic development opportunity for Viet Nam, bringing many benefits to the country and businesses – Mr. Thang added. 

The program continues August 23, August 25, and August 27 with the contents of business model design, the basic principles and solutions to promote the circular business, the business model circular economy in entrepreneurship through several business examples. See more details here.