Ms. Tra My – from Tra My Nature-based Products Enterprise: An English teacher with a green start-up ambition in Thua Thien Hue

Welcome to the “Women Driving Circularity” series, part 7. In this part, we feature the inspiring story of Ms. Tra My.

Ms. Tra My, Founder of the small enterprise “Tra My Nature-based Consumer Goods”

Also recognized as “the start-up teacher”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My – an English teacher of the Thuy Phuong Secondary School, Thua Thien Hue Province, is currently taking the role as a Director of the Tra My Nature-based Products Company Limited.

Ms. Tra My openly shares: “Ever since I was a student, I have studied and looked into the medicinal plants, such as the locust, soapberry, grapefruit peel, lemongrass, etc., in order to create eco-friendly cleansing products, and also non-toxic to the human beings. I think they are a great replacement for industrialized products that contain a great number of toxic chemicals. Eventually, I have started to handcraft nature-based products for the family and myself.”

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Ms. My had time to focus on in-depth research, perfecting quality products, and was able to create commercialized products. Currently, she has an entire product system such as shampoo, makeup remover, dishwashing detergent, etc., which are not polluting throughout the production and consumption process.

Additionally, the Refill service will be launched soon. Instead of discarding the old product’s packaging, buyers can bring them to the store to receive a discount. Old bottles will be sanitized and then reused. This is a new action aiming at further completing the circular and emission minimizing model. To achieve that, Ms. Tra My has also made an investment in using HDPE plastic bottles for all of the products.

Tra My’s nature-based products and goods

She further discussed her dream: “My goal is to organize events for students to make nature-based products by themselves. Thereby, educating students in the sense of green living, using sustainable products, and protecting the environment. Hopefully, that mindset will be planted in children from a young age, then who knows, the students will start a business with a circular economy mindset in the future.”

Story and photos shared by Hue Innovation Hub

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