Ms. Dang Thi Hang – Sala glass cutting board business

Welcome to the “Women Driving Circularity” series, part 5. In this part, we feature the inspiring story of Ms. Dang Thi Hang

Ms. Dang Thi Hang – Founder of Sala glass cutting board business

Cutting boards are familiar and necessary kitchenware in each household. Mostly, in the market, this type of houseware is made of wood, plastic, or bamboo.

As a mother of two kids, I always look forward to for the best for my family. However, every time I use ordinary cutting boards, I feel insecure and concerned for my children’s health because it contains a lot of bacteria on the surface, which are invisible to the naked eyes. Therefore, I have made an effort to use the glasses from the family’s 10-year-old glass production business to serve my personal use. Completely convinced by its features, I had an idea to produce tempered glass chopping board with Sala branch .

To make a chopping board out of glasses – Abnormal yet possible?

Initially, the idea was turned over out of its unfamiliarity. Most people using the common chopping boards will think, that glasses are very delicate and fragile.

However, Sala glass-made chopping boards have taken many testing procedures on durability and hardness before being sold out on the market. From the glass factories throughout the country, elastic workpiece glasses will be collected by Sala, instead of being discarded. Then, they will be processed through advance tempered technology, eventually, become durable, and can be used to chop and slice in a very sanitary and easy way.

A newfound and safe resolution for your kitchen

Sala has paved the way in producing a chopping board with a different kind of material, helping to resolve such problems:

✔️Hygiene security in making and cooking food, no harmful toxins are generated

✔️Collecting all excessed glasses nationwide to reduce product costs, instead of smashing them away, we have created products that bring benefits to consumers.

✔️A recyclable product to protect the environment.

While many people thought it was impossible, I always kept my faith and continued to improve my product. Looking back on the past journey, I have learned a valuable lesson when starting up a business: as long as you have absolute faith in the product and yourself, and put all your efforts into your product, then you will become successful.


Story and photos shared by Danang Circular Economy Hub

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