Accelerating the Circular Economy in Viet Nam

A transition towards a Circular Economy would create new opportunities for growth while generating social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Circular Economy

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We are a public-private partnership aiming to enhance dialogue, generate know-how, and mobilise collective action towards the transition to a circular economy in Viet Nam.

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Hop Farm’s circular economy model in agriculture

Hop Farm with the idea from raising cows and pigs combined with growing pomelo; producing grapefruit peel essential oil in order to solve the problems of supplementation, improve the material circulation; supplementing solutions and services for sustainable development, enhancing the aggregate value.

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Heineken Vietnam’s circular economy model

HEINEKEN Vietnam is a joint venture partner with Saigon Trade Corporation (SATRA). After 30 years of establishment and development, HEINEKEN Vietnam now operates 6 factories with 3,500 employees across Vietnam. The company has been creating 183,000 jobs throughout the value chain, contributing 0.9% to the total national GDP (According to the Sustainability Report 2020 presented by HEINEKEN Vietnam at www.heineken-vietnam

In Vietnam, HEINEKEN manufactures and distributes the brands Heineken®, Tiger, Larue, BIVINA, Bia Viet and Strongbow.

Sustainable and responsible business is the guideline for all activities of HEINEKEN Vietnam. This is reflected in the commitment “For a better Vietnam” from the very beginning of its establishment. HEINEKEN Vietnam has been honored by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in the TOP 3 Most Sustainable Manufacturing Enterprises in Vietnam for 5 consecutive years (2016 – 2020).

One of the typical and pioneering initiatives that HEINEKEN Vietnam practices to increase resource efficiency, extend product lifecycle and increase the value of waste & by-products is a circular economy model called R.E.S.O.L.V.E.

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Siklus deliver refills of everyday consumer products to your door – without plastic packaging.

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The CIRAC system turns aluminum laminated thermoplastic, focusing on snack and food packaging, into valuable products and materials, such as aluminum, diesel fuel and activated carbon.

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Galaxy Biotech

GALAXY BIOTECH offers the BREATHABLE BIOBAG, a biodegradable starch-based bag made from industrial cassava (tapioca) starch – a popular local species that grows well in harsh soil in the Highland and South-East regions of Viet Nam.

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Green Joy

Green Joy is producing biodegradable and sustainable straws made in Viet Nam from the natural grass Lepironia.

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Refill Đây

Refill Day provides a convenient alternative to single-use plastic by refilling reusable containers with trusted products at our customers’ homes, offices, restaurants or hotels.

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Production and Use of Non-fired Bricks

Thanh Tuyen Company in Quang Ninh province has been one of the biggest companies in Vietnam that abandoned the fired brick production and made investment for advanced automatic production line of NFB that imported from developed countries. The Company has produced NFBs using ash and slag generated from the Dong Trieu Power Plant and Mao Khe Power Plant in Quang Ninh province as the input materials.

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Pou Chen Green World Kindergarten

The Pou Chen’s Green World Kindergarten, the project uses recycled CDW (crushed concrete, bricks) from demolished building works in the locality as ground materials for the playing field. One local company who signed the contract for treatment of CDW with the owners of demolished buildings in the locality has collected the CDW from demolished buildings, transported the recyclable materials (concrete, bricks) to the recycling site for crushing, and then sold the crushed CDW to be used as backfilling materials to the project contractor at the reasonable price. This practice helps to ensure that the recycled CDW can be reintroduced at their highest value which reduce the demand for new primary materials.

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Bagasse-fired power generation

Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock Corporation (Lasuco) is the leading sugar producer in Vietnam and is also one of the leaders in that country’s slow shift toward a market-driven economy. Lasuco has installed a bagasse-fired power generation system with a capacity of 33.5 megawatts (MW) in its sugar production line which can generate more than 20 MW of electricity at the peak of the sugarcane crushing season

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