Come to the refill store, enjoy unique items & spread the green lifestyle

A refill store is a filling store model, where you can bring bottles, jars, boxes… to refill products from large dispensers and containers.


Lai Đay Refill Station is one of the pioneers in the field of refill purchasing in Ho Chi Minh City. After 3 years of operation, Lai Day has 3 “stops” in Ho Chi Minh City with spacious space designs to serve customers aiming for a sustainable consumption lifestyle. The chain of stores offers products made from environmentally friendly materials such as: bamboo brushes, bamboo straws, wooden combs, loofahs, cloth masks, rice soap, soapberry shampoo…

A special feature is that Lai Day encourages buyers to bring bottles, jars, boxes… to fill and refill products placed in lovely glass jars inside the store to reuse and minimize waste. old bottles into the environment.

Besides shopping for green products, when you come here, stop by the community library to return old battery cases so they can be properly disposed of, get free seeds to plant another green shoot, and participate in markets to buy used goods, workshops on making your own environmentally friendly fermented cleaning products… After you have bought enough items for your home, you can visit the Lai Day bookshelf with books to help you get started. New thoughts on a sustainable lifestyle.

Lai Day Refill also provides other green living addresses near the area such as recycling cafes, places selling used clothes, repair addresses, places where you can learn about recycling… continuing the need for green living sustainability for everyone.