Take advantage of the opportunity from COP26 for Viet Nam to develop sustainably

At the meeting, Minister Tran Hong Ha said that at the recent COP26 Conference, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh committed Viet Nam’s strong actions to the world, in which Viet Nam has participated in many global initiatives on responding to climate change such as the Coalition for Adaptation Action; committed to reducing methane emissions; political statements about forests and land use…

Minister Tran Hong Ha said that Viet Nam’s political commitment and determination to act at the Conference were highly appreciated by leaders of countries, international and regional organizations at over 20 bilateral meetings of the two leaders. Prime Minister. The leaders of countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, the European Commission, Germany, South Korea, Sweden… believe that Viet Nam’s determination to act will open up new cooperation opportunities in the fields of green economy and climate change adaptation, especially in the context that countries have very high interest in climate change, drastic changes in development direction, transformation development model towards green, circular, low carbon emission. Besides multilateral development banks, international banks such as Standard Chartered also have strong commitments with USD 8 billion for sustainable development while large corporations are willing and eager to participate in wind energy projects, modern green technologies such as hydrogen energy in Viet Nam.

According to Minister Tran Hong Ha, with the commitments of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at COP26 as well as cooperation agreements with many corporations around the world on transforming the growth model towards economic development of the low carbon, circular economy, Viet Nam needs to prepare resources to be ready for the goal of taking advantage of opportunities to transform growth models, meet sustainable development goals, respond to climate change. To anticipate the shift of investment and credit flows of credit and financial institutions in the world; take advantage of cooperation opportunities on low-carbon technology transfer, reduce dependence on fossil fuel sources, unlock the potential of renewable energy, including developing offshore wind energy. In addition, it is possible to protect and restore natural ecosystems, improve the resilience of infrastructure, adapt to climate change, etc. Therefore, the Minister requested the units to contribute ideas. to develop and submit to the leaders of the Party, State and Government a strategic orientation project to realize the goal of carbon neutrality.

At the meeting, participating units discussed and contributed ideas to build content on the view that the approach to responding to climate change must be comprehensive, focusing on people and businesses. is the subject of implementing adaptation solutions, ensuring livelihoods for communities in the face of climate change impacts; Enhancing the competitiveness of the Vietnamese economy and enterprises in the international arena in the face of changes in policies in global economic, investment and trade activities; harmonious development between economic and social pillars and environment and climate; promoting international cooperation, effectively mobilizing resources from bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms…

On the basis of comments and suggestions from units under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Minister Tran Hong Ha suggested that the units carry out the work so that the project can be completed soon, concretizing the commitments made by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The Prime Minister’s conclusion at the COP26 conference as well as the implementation of the Party and State’s policy on shifting the growth model towards developing a low-carbon economy, green growth, and a circular economy.

Khuong Trung