Waste2Wear: Pioneering Circular Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

At Waste2Wear, our team of eco-enthusiasts, textile engineers, and merchandisers is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainability. Our mission is clear: to lead the charge in creating fully traceable rPP (Recycled Polypropylene) and rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) products, ushering in a future where recycling becomes second nature, and plastic waste becomes a relic of the past.

A Vision for a Circular Future

Since our inception in 1998, we’ve been driven by a commitment to reshape the textile industry for the betterment of our planet. Our vision revolves around recycling plastic waste into textile products, ensuring a circular environment where consumers can verify the authenticity of sustainable choices.


Global Impact with a Diverse Team

Waste2Wear, a Canadian company with Dutch leadership and headquarters, operates globally with a presence in countries like the Netherlands, UAE, China, India, Vietnam, and the United States. With our diverse team, representing 16+ nationalities, we embrace different perspectives to enhance our products and services.

Packaging Meets Verified Transparency

In the realm of sustainable textiles, we’ve disrupted the industry with our 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene reusable bags (rPP). These bags, manufactured entirely from discarded appliances and food containers, are not just resilient and practical for daily use but also significantly reduce environmental impact. Our rPP packaging solutions set new standards for durability and eco-conscious production.

rPP Bags: A Beacon in the Fight Against Plastic Waste

Choosing Waste2Wear’s rPP materials is a significant step towards fostering a greener future. Sourced from 100% recycled polypropylene extracted from discarded household products and single-use food containers, our rPP bags surpass industry standards. Unlike others on the market that meet only a 20% recycling requirement, we go the extra mile. Our processes consume 46% less water, reduce CO2 emissions by 71%, and use 88% less energy compared to virgin polypropylene production.

These bags, weight-tested to 15kg, are ideal for daily grocery shopping, offering flexibility in design. Importantly, our rPP bags are guaranteed 100% recycled post-consumer polypropylene, avoiding the use of newly produced polypropylene and addressing the issue of plastic waste.

Verified Traceability through Blockchain

Our commitment to traceability extends beyond bags. With our patent-pending blockchain technology, each product comes with a QR code, offering consumers a detailed journey from plastic waste to finished textile products. Recognized with the 2021 Sustainability Leaders, World Sustainability Award, our blockchain technology ensures transparency and accountability in every step of the supply chain.

RPET Fabrics: Fashion with a Conscience

In addition to rPP bags, Waste2Wear has been a pioneer in transforming recycled plastic bottles into rPET fabrics for fashion since 2016. Our rPET fabrics, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, strike the perfect balance between style and sustainability. With a QR code for traceability, customers can follow the journey from recycling to the finished product.

Our rPET fabrics, including over 150 different types, are produced with a commitment to consuming 86% less water, 75% less CO2, and 70% less energy compared to virgin materials. The manufacturing process is a testament to our respect for both the earth and the people within our supply chain.

rPET Sportswear: Performance with a Purpose

For modern athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking performance gear with an eco-friendly edge, our rPET sportswear is the answer. Developed with and without stretch for optimal functionality, our sportswear lines are designed to provide superior performance while adhering to sustainable principles. These fabrics, too, feature QR codes for verified traceability.

In conclusion, Waste2Wear is not just a textile company; it’s a driving force behind a circular revolution. Our commitment to innovation, transparency, and sustainability propels us towards a future where every product tells a story of transformation, from waste to wearable, fostering a circular economy and putting the earth first. Welcome to a world where sustainable choices are not just a fashion statement but a commitment to a greener tomorrow.