The circular economy paradigm used in coffee by Mitix Group

With the mission “Shaping the green economy”, Mitix Group leads the integration of Circular Economy Model into coffee processing and producing, that pioneer sustainable development and affirm the stature of Vietnamese coffee across global markets. 

To address the emerging crisis of scarce resources and pollution, Mitix Group leads as the forefront organization that drives the implementation of Circular Economy Model into the production and processing of Vietnamese coffee. At farmlands and factories, the integration of Circular Economy Model is maximized across stages of the production cycle that could harmonize between sustainable development and environment preservation. 

As such, at Mitix Group, every yield from coffee harvests would not go to waste. Coffee by-products from a production stage become material for subsequent stages, creating an ecosystem of high-quality products that benefits general health and welfare. 

Circular Economy Model integration at Mitix Group’s coffee production.

Specifically, after initial processing, the green coffee beans satisfy international standards for export and Coffilia lines; the cherry’s outer layer made Ha Chuc Cascara tea; coffee parchment made Namigo biological packaging; coffee pulp, mucilage and other by-products made Moc Khang’s organic fertilizer; every produce can be utilized by Mitix Group during cultivation on its farmlands.

Thanks to the Circular Economy Model, Mitix Group has been passionately exploring the “quintessential” of their offerings; minimizing waste to the natural environment; motivating technological innovation; improving product qualities; bringing employment opportunities and developing highly-skill human resources. 

Mitix Group’s representative earnestly shared: “Mitix Group has been and always will be an advocate of businesses fulfilling their responsibility to the natural environment. Therefore, we continuously invest our effort and resources into research and optimization of by-products that generate input materials for subsequent production stages, which complete the closed production-cycle and ultimately the sustainable Circular model.”

The Circular Economy Model of Mitix Group contributed to practical benefits towards the economy – society – environment.

Pursuing the sustainable strategy of coffee development is a turning-point for this 30 year old organization. In October 2021, Mitix Group proudly introduced its own Circular Economy practice to international audiences at World Expo 2020 Dubai – the largest non-commercial exhibition on the planet.  

In December 2021, the CNN broadcast giant spent significant screen time to show the Circular model, which is an apparent endorsement among hundreds of worldwide science and technology initiatives at the Expo.

In the future, Mitix Group continues to invest further into research and development that diversify its healthcare offerings, which fulfill environmental responsibility and provide overall values to everyday life. As such, we aim to inspire industries across to fully adopt and embrace the journey of sustainable growth and development.