Refill Đây

Single-use plastics, are leaked into the environment every minute causing a variety of problems. Refill Day addresses these problems before they become a problem by preventing virgin plastics from being used in the first place. They provide a convenient alternative to single-use plastic by refilling reusable containers with trusted products at our customers’ homes, offices, restaurants or hotels.

Refill Đây is an innovation synthesizing two existing ideas that no one else has tried before: motorbike delivery and refill stores. In many ways, it is similar to Mailing and DVDs, which is how Netflix started.

The issue with refill stores is accessibility of both location and product brand. The refill shops require customers to come to the store with their containers. This is problematic if one lives far from the store as it is easier to just go to the local convenience store. Additionally, these refill shops tend to sell 100% all-natural and expensive brands that most customers have never heard of. By delivering well-known, trusted brands to the consumers’ doorstep, Refill Đây addresses both of these problems and brings an innovative new concept to the marketplace.

Refill Day’s business model is a retail/delivery model where we sell and deliver products to customers at their homes or offices.

The gross margin on their current products ranges from 25% to 60% depending on the product.
The four major operational costs and estimated structure are staff salaries (38%), product inventory (37%), warehouse cost (19%) and fuel/admin expenses (6%).
Their revenue streams will be both transaction-based and recurring/subscription and come from these three primary markets: (1) green-minded consumers, (2) small restaurants, cafes and hotels, and (3) low-income customers who rely on purchasing sachets.