Global Youth Summit 2023

24/08/2023 - 26/08/2023 Offline English - VIetnamese Address: Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Science

From August 24th to 26th, 2023, the Global Youth Summit took place at the Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Science (ICISE) in Quy Nhon. This event was organized through a collaborative effort between the Centre for Natural Resources and Environment Communication and the Hemisphere Foundation, Singapore.

The primary aim of this summit was to empower the community to develop innovative models, initiatives, and solutions for the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources, environmental conservation, and climate change mitigation by integrating environmental education with the principles of sustainable development.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung, the Director of the Communication Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, emphasized the significance of the program as part of a comprehensive series of activities focusing on environmental education and climate change. These issues hold global importance and are incorporated into formal education curricula, ranging from high school to university levels. In Vietnam, environmental education has long been established as a fundamental component, enshrined in the Law on Environmental Protection. Recognizing the paramount importance of environmental education, the Center intends to make this event an annual occurrence in Vietnam. This will serve as a platform for conveying international messages, facilitating exchanges, and creating forums for Vietnamese youth and their counterparts from across the world to engage in dialogue, explore, and gain a deep understanding of environmental matters, including environmental protection, climate change, and responsible natural resource utilization.

The program received invaluable support and collaboration from various organizations, including Belt Hung Vuong School, the UN Development Program (UNDP), the Interdisciplinary Center for Science and Education (ICISE), as well as government ministries such as the Binh Dinh Department of Natural Resources, Binh Dinh Department of Tourism, and the People’s Committee of Nhon Ly Commune, in addition to the partnership of Quy Nhon University.