‘Living new with old’ with art installation exhibition from second-hand

To spread the inspiration of “living new with old”, artists have turned old items into unique works of art through installation art.

In Hanoi, the exhibition “Living new with old” was held to inspire a sustainable consumer lifestyle through the purchasing and selling of secondhand goods.

With the installation art, 100% of the works at the exhibition are created from used items. Old items are now empowered to convey the spirit of “living new with old”, ushering in a new future where used is the first choice.

The exhibition gathers many unique works such as: “Adaptation”, “Rebirth”, “Creating”, “Eternal”, and “Escape from the cocoon”. In particular, the work “Rebirth” (by artist Bui Anh Khoa) is inspired by the installation of old clothes and old electronics. “Like a dry tree stump suddenly bursting with life, so nature’s rebirth is created when you choose to give an old object a new mission.”

Mr. Hoang Thanh Vinh, program manager for chemicals, waste, and circular economy, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) shared: “Developing circular economy is a trend of countries, especially in the context of increasingly depleted resources, increasingly serious environmental degradation and pollution, Circular economy is an economic model in which the goal is to prolong the life of materials, eliminate negative impact on the environment”.

“We are pleased to support the exhibition “Living New with Old”. This is one of the practical actions to promote sustainable production and consumption, towards the transition to a circular economy in Vietnam,” Vinh said.

Participating in the art exhibition “living new with old”, Bui Minh Diep (3rd grader) was engrossed in looking at one-of-a-kind works. “I’m very impressed with the artwork. After this exhibition, when I finish using electronics, I don’t throw them away, but I can use them for recycling. I also don’t litter indiscriminately into the environment. , do not use plastic bags and plastic items anymore”, Minh Diep excitedly shared.

Many young people are impressed with the work “Reincarnation” which is a combination of dozens of used phones, headphones, etc.

The exhibition “Living new with old” is organized by Cho Tot in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Institute of Strategy for Natural Resources & Environment Policy (ISPONRE) and the Vietnam Circular Economy Hub, aiming to inspire viewers to live a sustainable consumption lifestyle through active buying and selling of used goods.

News and photos: VTCNews (vtc.vn)