Green Joy

The demand for straws in Ha Long is growing strongly, following the boom of the tourism industry. Quang Ninh province received more than 14 million visitors in 2019, 14% more than 2018. Among 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, straws comprise just 0.025 percent, but significantly impacts ocean and water fauna, leading to the deaths of millions of seabirds, hundreds of thousands of sea animals and countless fish each year.

Green Joy is producing biodegradable and sustainable straws made in Viet Nam from the natural grass Lepironia.

Green Joy is replacing plastic straws with environmentally friendly, natural straws made of Lepironia grass, which is abundant only in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam. The production process is eco-friendly, with 90% of the process being automated and relying on solar energy, reducing electricity and water consumption and resulting in minimal carbon emissions. They are also piloting AI technologies in the sorting process to automate the production line.


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