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In July, 2020, GALAXY BIOTECH launched the BREATHABLE BIOBAG, a starch-based bag made from industrial cassava (tapioca) starch – a popular local species that grows well in harsh soil in the Highland and South-East regions of Viet Nam. The bag provides a solution for food preservation, while being biodegradable.

The BREATHABLE BIOBAG tackles two urgent issues, including plastic pollution and food waste. Moreover, our solution also helps increase Viet Nam’s agricultural product – which is cassava, thus adding incomes for poor farmers.

They have applied both biotechnology and nanotechnology to develop 4 types of eco-friendly food preserver bags, targeting the bio-packaging industry. They are innovating with bags that can keep vegetables, fruits, meat and fish fresher and protect them from bacteria and viruses.

They have also developed a methodology to calculate the CO2 emissions to find ways to minimize pollution.

Galaxy Biotech sell the BREATHABLE BIOBAG to B2B fruit and vegetable exporters and distributors. The target gross margin is 40%. In 2021, the gross margin target will be set lower at 15-20% to support market development.

The product line includes:

BREATHABLE BIOBAG 1: small size – 22x32cm.;
BREATHABLE BIOBAG 2: medium size – 30x40cm;
BREATHABLE BIOBAG 3: large size – 45x60cm;
BREATHABLE BIOBAG 4: custom size, to customer requirements.


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