Quang Ninh: Promoting circular economy to realize sustainable development goals

The circular economy is part of the National Green Growth Strategy to address the risk of natural resource depletion, to reduce pollution and degrade the living environment, countries around the world, including Viet Nam, are gradually shifting their model to a “circular economy” with the goal of sustainable development of the country. This is an economic model in which special attention is paid to the management and regeneration of resources in a closed loop, in order to avoid creating waste and polluting the environment.


Mrs. Phan Thi Duyen – Deputy Director of the Fund for Environmental Protection and Land Development, Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Ninh province.

For Quang Ninh, following the Resolution of the XV Provincial Party Congress, for the 2020-2025 term, departments, branches, localities, units and enterprises have developed circular economy models for waste from mining and production activities; recycle and reuse in industrial zones; strictly control the risk of marine environmental pollution, especially in Ha Long and Bai Tu Long bays.

At the seminar, Master Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy – Deputy Head of Environmental Protection Sub-Department of Quang Ninh province introduced about Circular economy in the context of implementing sustainable development goals and responding to change climate. That is the practical benefit of the transition to the Circular Economy model as well as the current situation and context of Viet Nam.

Mr. Fujimuara Toshiki, JICA expert and green growth consultant in Quang Ninh emphasized Japan’s experience when gradually transitioning to a circular economy with the desire to enhance the international competitiveness of the industry, and at the same time contribute to the conservation of the global green environment. In addition, Japan’s Shiga province is encouraging “green shopping” and this may also be the content that Quang Ninh can refer to to promote green growth.

The shift from Linear Economy to Circular Economy is a global trend and Viet Nam is not an exception to that trend. However, in order to realize this orientation, it requires the efforts of all sectors of society, especially enterprises as the central driving force, the State plays the role of creating, leading and participating in the community to change both awareness and behavior of the whole society.

Speaking at the Workshop, Deputy Director of the Viet Nam Environmental Protection Fund, Mrs. Duong Thi Phuong Anh highly appreciated the strengths of the Quang Ninh Land Development and Environmental Protection Fund in propagating and raising public awareness on environmental protection and climate change. Many of the Fund’s programs and projects in Quang Ninh have been implemented in a very practical and meaningful manner to the community. Especially, there is great attention, support and coordination from State management agencies, local authorities at all levels as well as the active participation of businesses, organizations and individuals in the area.

In the near future, when the Law on Environmental Protection officially takes effect, and at the same time the Government also issues a Decree guiding the implementation of the Law, other legal documents will also be issued including the completion of regulations on financial support in the field of environmental protection, thereby creating a unified legal corridor throughout the country to work together towards a circular economy and sustainable development.

Thy Thu, Natural Resources & Environment Newspaper