Decision no. 889/QD-TTg on the National Action Program on Sustainable Production and Consumption in the 2021-2030 period

  • Date: 24/06/2020
  • Issuance level: Central
  • Effectiveness: Known
  • Issuing Organization: Vietnamese Government
  • Document type: Decision
  • Sector: MOIT

The Decision was issued with the goal of promoting the management, exploitation and efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, fuels and raw materials, encouraging the development of natural resources, fuels, raw materials and environmentally friendly products, renewable, reusable and recyclable; promote sustainable production and consumption on the basis of innovation, creativity, practice and development of sustainable production and consumption models, promote sustainable domestic production and consumption, create stable jobs green jobs, promoting sustainable lifestyles and improving people’s quality of life, towards the development of a circular economy in Vietnam.

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